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a5b7b3 #13335

Querido blog personal.
Y todo lo que digas me destruye
No me importa si está bien o está mal
Y todo lo que digas me destruye
No me importa si está bien o está mal

No me dejes así
Quiero volver a empezar
Este día lo perdí
Otra vez lo deje ir

Milano de niños Castellan!VyZKkSDatc 3017cd #13337

Mis güebos son tus ojos mi verga tu nariz

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #13378

Imagen: _-_DankChanero69_-_.png 260.82 KB 510x504 Google

Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

Carc mamahuebo 4a3067 #13391

Ooooh angel de amor
dulce amanecer
en mi corazooon
Mi reina de invierno
guardame hoy en ti
por siempre mi amor

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #13419

Imagen: -_-_DankChanero69_-_-.png 419.68 KB 525x460 Google

Where did your long hair go
Where is the girl I used to know
How could you lose that happy glow
Oh, Caroline no

Ven báilalo 15952a #13471

Esta rolita si me gusta. Todo el disco también esta bueno

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #13507

Imagen: _-_-_DankChanero69_-_-_.png 407.27 KB 525x460 Google

Para poder llegar a ti es todo tan difícil, todo tan difícil, todo tan difícil.

Changoleon 658c41 #13509

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #13599

Imagen: -_-_-_DankChanero69_-_-_-.png 461.76 KB 532x532 Google

Hay un destino que no tiene pruebas por eso esta historia
ya habrá muerto con una verdad olvidada
en tu memoria.

Será un camino que no tiene huella
la suerte que le ha tocado a la estrella que te ha de guiar.

Habrá un siempre para la batalla y la razón que te
demora si hay una sombra para cada luz corras
a donde corras.

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #13642

Imagen: _ -_-_-_DankChanero69_-_-_….png 284.99 KB 480x460 Google

Girl, close your eyes
Let that rhythm get into you
Don't try to fight it
There ain't nothing that you can do
Relax your mind
Lay back and groove with mine
You gotta feel that heat
And we can ride the boogie
Share that beat of love

I want to rock with you (all night)
Dance you into day (sunlight)
I want to rock with you (all night)
Rock the night away

La anonimus bad0b8 #13645

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #14053

Imagen: - _ -_-_-_DankChanero69_-_….png 365.63 KB 506x381 Google

You can dance
You can jive
Having the time of your life
See that girl
Watch that scene
Dig in the Dancing Queen
Dig in the Dancing Queen

LincePatagonico!!xUJI6ijUA6 bf35e2 #14055

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #14083

Imagen: _- _ -_-_-_DankChanero69_-….png 464.59 KB 525x460 Google

Going on a living spree
Plenty wanna come with me
You don't wanna miss your chance
Near-life experience
Faces making noise
Say, be good girls and boys
It ain't half empty or full
You can break the glass, or drink it all
Dig it

Come close
Come close

A glamour cabaret
The last float on parade
'Cause their swing got left behind
Every puzzle piece of mind
Handshake in facade
Play the fool or playing God
Just for God's sake play along
Well, you can have a laugh, hit it

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #14111

Imagen: -_- _ -_-_-_DankChanero69_….png 171.19 KB 508x436 Google

No one I think is in my tree
I mean it must be high or low
that is you can or not tune in but it's all right
that is I think it's not too bad.

Déjame llevarte hacia donde voy, strawberry fields
nada es real, y nada en lo que pensar
strawberry fields forever.

Always, no, sometimes, think it's me
but you know I know when it's a dream
I think, er, no , I mean, er , yes, but it's all wrong
that is I think I disagree.

Déjame llevarte hacia donde voy, strawberry fields
nada es real, y nada en lo que pensar
strawberry fields forever

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #14306

Imagen: _-_--_--_-_-_DankChanero69….png 408.29 KB 525x460 Google

This is the only life for me - yeah
Surround myself around my own fantasy
You just gotta be strong and believe in yourself
Forget all the sadness 'cause love is all you need
Love is all you need

Do you know what it's like to be alone in this world
When you're down and out on your luck and you're a failure
Wake up screaming in the middle of the night
You think it's all been a waste of time
It's been a bad year
You start believing everything's gonna be alright
Next minute you're down and you're flat on your back
A brand new day is beginning
Get that sunny feeling and you're on your way (way)

Just believe - just keep passing the open windows
Just believe - just keep passing the open windows

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #14337

Imagen: -_-_--_--_-_-_DankChanero6….png 343.99 KB 536x469 Google

This the greatest shit in the club
Since In Da Club
It's so packed I might ride around
On my bodyguard's back like Prince in the club
She say: Can you get my friends in the club?
I say: Can you get my Benz in the club?
If not, treat your friends like my Benz
Park they ass outside 'til the evening end
When I go raw, I like to leave it in
When I wake up, I like to go again
When I go to work, she gotta call it in
She can't go to work, same clothes again
And her heart colder than the souls of men
Louboutin on the toes again
Tight dress dancing close to him
Yeezus just rose again

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #14548

Imagen: _-_-_--_--_-_-_DankChanero….png 249.03 KB 600x588 Google

I would say I'm sorry
If I thought that it would change your mind
But I know that this time
I have said too much
Been too unkind

I try to laugh about it
Cover it all up with lies
I try and laugh about it
Hiding the tears in my eyes
Because boys don't cry
Boys don't cry

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #15320

Imagen: -_-_-_--_--_-_-_DankChaner….png 163.35 KB 536x496 Google

Goin' back to Tangier
With some Jordans and a spear
Post-Christian shit
Post chicken or the egg addiction shit
Pass the sherm stick
Be the freak you wanna see
Just don't follow me
I'm on a journey to
The center of three
Grab your fucking chain and drag you through the bike lane
While everybody's like no

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #16099

Imagen: _-_-_-_--_--_-_-_DankChane….png 289.79 KB 536x436 Google

End of passion play, crumbling away
(I'm your source of self-destruction)
Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear
(Leading on your deaths' construction)

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #16902

Imagen: -_-_-_-_--_--_-_-_DankChan….png 546.85 KB 536x469 Google

You keep this love, thing, child, toy
You keep this love, fist, scar, break
You keep this love
No more head trips

La puta del barrio 5bb37a #16966

no entiendo este pendejo hilo

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #17347

Make you into dark
Straight into your heart
Sorry all you are
I don't really care
Well, I know you are….

Robots, robots
Brainwashed babies, blood from a leech
Spoken rabies
Spastic, plastic, battery acid
Yank on the leash
Draggin' you backwards
Oh, my closed eyes
Never see it comin'

Rey del cuck 31cb4c #17348


Baler berga ce7ec2 #18223

Imagen: 151046514118.gif 29.25 KB 220x159 Google

Peruano guapo f9f360 #18224


-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #18267

Imagen: -_-_-_-_-_--_--_-_-_DankCh….png 287.5 KB 536x469 Google

Este papu sabe…

Boku ga sou iu no

Onaji ichinichi ga hajimaru
Dare yori mo hito no me wo hiki
Chiisai kara ii hi mo arunda
Kanchigai ja nai shi
Ano toki no kimochi ga
Kawatte shimau no da to
Wakimae wa kirai nano
Issho ni saretaku nai shi

Sonna bokura wo mushi shite
Ikite ikou to ossharu
Yasashiku sarete sono hi

Koko wo deteike to iu
Get out get out to sasu yo

Changoleon e4c668 #18327

Imagen: IMG_2335.jpg 85.15 KB 620x606 Exif Google

ia q tamoz kiero un trap

-_DankChanero69_- a5b7b3 #19875

Imagen: _-_-_-_-_-_--_--_-_-_DankC….png 38.12 KB 366x305 Google


La vecina puta ee9eb4 #20271

Imagen: 1543009832327.jpg 36.93 KB 618x412 Exif Google

Alan rey de la pederastia f7284f #20344

Que /sad/ men

Soy tu perro pero no tu puta 08d2d2 #21346


Fan del fútbol 08d2d2 #22215

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