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AnónimoMexico 5a7d3 #7565

Asking for help :(
Good evening pals, I'm here to ask for a little favor. Been strugglin with money for the last month and I'm about to get kicked out for the mortgage… Can anyone help me out? Im just asking for a couple bucks, just to make through the bills and food
If you could help, here's my Paypal @ArmandoS710

AnónimoUnited States 41f20 #7566

que dice ahi, no se ingles

AnónimoMexico 9fdc1 #7568


basicamente esta pidiendo pejecoins.

Anónimo 2dd23 #7569

Lolo, porque escribes en inglés en un foro completamente en español????

AnónimoGermany 07778 #7570


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