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AnónimoUnited States #8739

KEK the demoncraps keep screwing up
Well done, Sleepy Joe!!! Israel's PM and his entire party are now going to support Trump in the upcoming american elections, because they sure don't want a senile old geezer telling them how to wage their war against hamas.


AnónimoHong Kong #8740

Imagen: Picsart_24-02-25_13-30-15-….png 290.47 KB 645x645

This retard needs to be impeached. The illegal aliens are flocking to New York and they are all given $10,000 each and a cell phone. That's insane… and who's footing the bill? Why you are, of course.

Impeach this senile old bastard.

Anónimo #8741

caioese pendeho

Anónimo #8742


Two sides of the same coin.

AnónimoUnited States #8743

Imagen: lolnada.org-1708275700343.jpg 175.75 KB 600x681

AnónimoUnited States #8744

Yeah, but i'm pretty sure things were calmer when Trump was in office. Biden took over the white house and the world started going to shit.

AnónimoHong Kong #8745

>mexican drug cartels are flooding the streets with fentanyl yet biden decides to open the border
>lord putin is slowly but surely taking over ukraine
>all the billions and weaponry sent to ukraine failed to stop russian advances
>the houthis keep sinking and seizing cargo ships across the red sea
>polls show trump winning in november

Kek You better resign Biden.

AnónimoHong Kong #8747

Imagen: 20240305_125143.jpg 134.19 KB 1828x700

Anónimo #8748

que dice ahi yo no leo tiroteo escolar

AnónimoSpain #8856

Imagen: UltimatePhotoEditor_2024_0….jpg 788.86 KB 3242x2160

locos retrasados mentales

AnónimoSpain #8857

Imagen: UltimatePhotoEditor_2024_0….jpg 551.97 KB 3242x2160

Anónimo #8868

Video: CCiy53IYpuRa_d-0.mp4 4.83 MB 720x952

>moroñol homosexual lgbtq+ fantaseando con negros
Todo en orden, kek.

AnónimoMexico #8870

kek esos español ultraputos

AnónimoUnited States #8871

Manolo Manolín chupame la pinga

Anónimo #8907


Son los favoritos del señor cura de la parroquia de Villapene.

AnónimoKyrgyzstan #8918

But how much do ZOG elections actually matter tho

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